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hølding øn tø yøu

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Saltair, 03/09

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i was tagged by spooky-scary-sivan to do the 10 facts about you tag :-)

1. Nickname: dont have one, tho my mom calls me sassy pie no lie

2. Eye Color: blue-ish gray-ish

3. Hair Color: brown

4. One Fact About You: i lived in 4 different states before i was 5

5. Favorite Color: violet

6. Favorite Places: san fransisco, disney world, barnes and noble

7. Favorite Celebrity: currently evan peters

8. Favorite Animal: dogs :-)

9. Favorite Song: uhhh… not sure maybe hallelujah (the one in shrek)

10. Favorite Book: perks of being a wallflower, it’s kind of a funny story, or tfios oo or the book thief

annnd whoever wants to do it can say i tagged them! :—-)


"You don’t have many followers"

Jesus only had 12

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

An angel, honestly.

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